Laminin Products


iMatrix series

Laminin is a major component of basement membrane. Our iMatrix products are the recombinant human laminin E8 fragment, one fifth of a whole molecule, which has an integrin binding site.
We acquired the patent license from Kyoto University and Osaka University to sell laminin-511 short fragment, iMatrix-511. The benefits of iMatrix-511 for iPS/ES cell culture are as follows:
1) In contrast to vitronectin, single cell passage is possible.
2) In contrast to mouse EHS tissue extract Matrigel, iMatrix-511 is made from CHO-S cells, and iMatrix-511MG confirms to Japanese Standard for Biological Ingredients by PMDA.
3) The purity of protein is much better than those of similar products.

The iMatrix-511 has been widely used by top researchers in the world. Please refer to the original work by Nakagawa et al. (2014) at the Google Scholar link page here. In addition to CHO-cell derived iMatrix-511 protein, we offer the protein from transgenic silkworm cocoon, iMatrix-511 Silk. We recommend CHO-cell derived iMatrix-511 for the development of clinical research, and silkworm cocoon derived iMatrix-511 Silk for research use. We established a sales company, Matrixome, for laminin-related products. Please contact us for more details.

iMatrix-511 Silk
・ iMatrix-511MG can be applied to clinical use in Japan
・ iMatrix-411, E8 fragment of recombinant human laminin-411(Laminin-8,
・ iMatrix-221, E8 fragment of recombinant human laminin-221(Laminin-4,