Strictly selected raw materials

Collagen from wild marine fish

Nippi’s marine collagen peptide is made from wild marine fish scales and skins, which are treated carefully to remove impurities. Raw material is carefully selected based on Nippi’s more than 100 years of experience dealing with animal materials.
Nippi was among the first to manufacture and supply marine collagen peptide to the market when collagen peptide became a public focus about 20 years ago. Based out of our latest manufacturing facility, with know-how cultivated over many years, Nippi provides high-quality products to our customers.


・ Protection of marine resources
The raw material of Nippi marine collagen is scales and skins of wild marine fish, caught in sustainable fisheries under a fishing permit issued in consideration of sustainable fisheries.

・ Effective use of resources
Nippi works with raw material suppliers to make effective use of fish scales, which were a troublesome industrial and fishery waste. For example, Indonesian raw material suppliers have been highly praised by the Indonesian government for establishing a new business model for effective use of resources.