Strict quality standards

Features of our marine collagen peptide

Nippi’s marine collagen peptide is almost tasteless and odorless, and it can be deliciously mixed with soft drinks or tea. It has been used for various purposes, mainly in powders, beverages, jellies, etc.

Certified Halal, Kosher, non-GMO

Our marine collagen peptide has the following certifications:

-              Halal certification
We have obtained certification from the Japan Halal Foundation, which has mutual certification with JAKIM in Malaysia and MUIS in Singapore.

-              Kosher certification
We have obtained Kosher certification in the United States.

-              Non-GMO certification
We have obtained non-GMO certification in the United States.

Collagen peptide performance


Click here for our research reports on ingestion of collagen peptide for skin improvements, suppression of skin damage caused by UV radiation, and immune function activation.