Since our foundation in 1907, Nippi has been focused on providing highest quality products. “Quality First” has been our corporate philosophy to which we have adhered throughout the course of our history by consistently providing the products that best satisfy the customer’s needs.

We have been very successful in doing so thanks to the manufacturing technologies that we have accumulated through the long years of research and development which has been an on-going endeavor to this day. This has consequently enabled us to expand our business into various fields.

Our history has always revolved around innovation and manufacture — high quality leather, high grade gelatin and collagen peptides, edible collagen casing, collagen cosmetics, chemically cross-linked PVC foam, and the BioMasher — all of these products are the proofs of our commitment to innovation and quality.

Today, we are highly regarded as the pioneer of the collagen research for various applications including foods, medical and pharmaceutical use, cosmetics, and health supplements. It is certain, however, that we will continue progressing on to the next stages maintaining our “Quality First” policy and always envisioning possibilities of new opportunities for our business.

Yuko Ito