Collagen Peptide & Gelatine

Collage Peptide

About Nippi Peptide®

Nippi Peptide or Nippi Peptide® logo is a registered trademark of Nippi Incorporated.           

Product Line-up


The Collagenomics® series is “next-generation” collagen peptide created from Nippi’s collagen research and development that has continued since 1921.
A registered trademark of Nippi, Collagenomics® comes from combining “Collagen” and the suffix “-omics” (“all-inclusive study”) and is intended for comprehensive collagen research and development.

Marine collagen peptide

Nippi has the largest share of the collagen peptide raw materials market in Japan, and has been working passionately for many years on marine collagen peptide derived from wild marine fish. We manufacture and deliver products under strict production management, from selecting raw materials of origin to establishing appropriate manufacturing conditions and safety measures.

Collagen peptide performance

Please refer to our research report on ingestion of collagen peptide for skin improvements, suppression of skin disorders caused by UV radiation, and immune function activation.



Natural Materials enriching Daily Life

Gelatin is used to increase viscosity for food application and others. And Gelatin jelly is characterized by being readily-soluble in the mouth, water retentivity and high transparency. Gelatin is used across a wide variety of fields including food products, pharmaceutical products and photo films. In recent years in particular, gelatin is increasingly used for microwave foods such as packed lunches and daily meals purchased at convenience stores.

Further Evolving in a Wide Variety of Fields

Nippi manufactures gelatin from bovine, swine and fish, etc., at its factory in Fujinomiya-shi, Shizuoka.
Generally gelatin is used by heating after swelling with water. In addition to regular selection, Nippi is continuing to progress in quality and line-up. For example, “Nippi Super Gelatin” is not needed to swell with water and “Nippi MAX Gelatin” can be dissolved in cold water without swelling.

Microwavable products(soups)
Microwavable products(soups)
Microwavable products(noodles)
Microwavable products(noodles)
Gummy candy
Gummy candy