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In 1942, Nippi started research and development of vinyl chloride as replacement material for leather. Thereafter, the Company progressed its original technologies and developed various products. Our current core products are “Nippi Linker®” and “Nippi V Foam.” The Linker Department will actively continue striving for development of new products.

What is Nippi Linker®?

This is a vinyl chloride resin cross-linked by a chemical reaction, which offers excellent heat resistance and solvent resistance and is used for electric wires and masking films, and so forth.
In general, the chemical cross-link method is superior in that it can be manufactured by less expensive facilities than irradiation cross-linking and also the cross-linking of vinyl chloride by chemical reaction is one of our technologies in which we take special pride in.

What is Nippi Linker®?01
Nippi Linker®
Nippi Linker® uses a stabilizer
without four heavy metals
to be environmentally-friendly
   What is Nippi Linker®?02
   Examples showing the use Nippi Linker®
   Curtains, tarpaulins, masking films,
   hoses, electric wires


What is Nippi V Foam?

This is a foam made of 100% vinyl chloride. For its material composition, it is highly valued as a material most suitable for high frequency welder processing (high frequency adhesion processing). It is used across a wide range of fields including cars, quilt products and novelty goods.

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Nippi V Form 
Nippi V Form
   Examples showing the use of Nippi V Form Key rings, seal mats, quilt products
   Examples showing the use of Nippi V Form
   Key rings, seal mats, quilt products