Cosmetics & Health Foods

Assisting beauty and health of customers through collagen

Development of Original Products using Nippi Collagen 

Nippi Collagen Cosmetics Ltd. develops cosmetics and functional foods with collagen of the Nippi Group. In particular, “Nippi Collagen Skin Care Gel” a basic skincare product with “fresh collagen” as a main component and “Nippi Collagen 100” a powder supplement of 100% collagen peptides are loved by users. The quality is globally recognized as shown by receiving the Grand Gold Quality Award and the International High Quality Trophy at Monde Selection, International Institute for Quality Selections.

Direct Distribution to General Consumers by Teleshopping 

Nippi Collagen Cosmetics Ltd. has developed cosmetics and functional foods with our desire, “we want to deliver a healthy and beautiful daily life to everyone through high quality collagen,” and has distributed them directly to general customers by teleshopping. Our products are loved by many customers for a long time, such as “Nippi Collagen Skin Care Gel” which has been sold about 30 years and “Nippi Collagen 100” which has been sold about 20 years. They contribute to beauty and health in everyday life.

Nippi Collagen Cosmetics Ltd., established in 1988, is a teleshopping company assisting customers in their beauty and health by direct distribution of cosmetics and functional food products, mainly composed of collagen.

 Moisturexceed Lotion(Skin Lotion)
            Timexceed Cream(Moisture Cream)
 Moisturexceed Lotion(Skin Lotion)
 Timexceed Cream(Moisture Cream)
   Nippi Collagen
   Skin Care Gel
   Nippi Collagen 100
   Nippi Collagen 100

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