Collagen Casing

The Nature-Derived Material for Safe and Secure Food Manufacturing

Nippi as a Pioneer

Collagen has been attracting a great deal of attention from various fields including foods, medicines and pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. We, Nippi, are known today in Japan as the very first manufacturer who has successfully commercialized the edible casing for sausage made from collagen.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our collagen casing business began in the wake of Dr. Nishihara’s discovery of solubilization technology of collagen fiber which had long been considered insoluble. Patent application was submitted in 1960,  and our casing manufacture and sales later fully launched in 1970. It was only rational that this nature-derived material was seen fit for food application, and thus caught a tremendous amount of attention from the food industries.

Tradition and Innovation

While the excellent machinability and reliability of our collagen casing started to be recognized, we have always strived in research and development in an effort to embody the quality-oriented mind of our company in our products. As a result, we have been able to expand our sales to overseas while at the same time solidifying a dominant position in the domestic market. However, we will never satisfy with our current position and continuously go forward and beyond in meeting our customer’s demands.

 Printed Casings01
 Printed Casings02
 Printed Casings
Nippi Casings of various sizes and colors
 Nippi Casings of various sizes and colors 


Advantages of the Nippi Casing

Unmatched Versatility: Nippi Casings are suitable for all types of sausages (cooked, fresh, dry sausages, etc.)

Great Uniformity: Consistency in both wall thickness and caliber diameter eliminates give-away due to over/under-weight links thus achieving higher yield

Excellent Machinability: Together with great uniformity, extra strength makes Nippi Casing
the most trouble-free casing; the most cost-effective of its kinds

Tender Bite: Nippi Casing adds a tender and superb bite to your sausage which contributes
to good reception of your products by a wide range of consumers

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Our Production Facilities

Fujinomiya Factory 
Fujinomiya Plant
 Shibakawa Factory
Shibakawa Plant
 Nippi Collagen (Tangshan) Co., Ltd.
Nippi Collagen (Tangshan) Co., Ltd.