Professionals Pursuing to Maximize the Appeal of Genuine Goods Experienced only through the Natural Materials

History of Nippi is the History of Leather

Leather has been loved and used by people throughout human history as a necessary article for shoes, bags, clothes, furniture as well as fashionable goods for its excellent features. Nippi’s leather business has led the Japanese leather industry since its foundation.
In 2007, Nippi-Fujita, Incorporated was established by reorganizing our leather division. However, the experience, knowledge as well as sales know-how we have accumulated in doing business in the said industry over the long years have been duly maintained and we are still highly regarded to this day.

Manufacturing that is Friendly to People and the Global Environment

Nippi-Fujita focuses on “Eco-Leather” taking our environmental responsibilities into account.
We are also focused on adding high values not only to the original leather materials but also in every aspect of our leather manufacturing including cutting and weaving processes in order to fully utilize the advantages of the leather for our finished products such as shoes, whether the process takes place domestically or internationally. To this end, we provide thorough technical instructions at our Chinese manufacturing facility through our skilled and experienced technicians. Consequently, we have been able to provide the quality that our customers demand for their needs. Haining Nippi Leather Co., Ltd., in Zhejiang Province, China strives particularly for mass production of high quality leather products for the automotive industry which have passed the audit and specifications of Japanese automotive manufacturers and also development of new products for the next generation.

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 Variety of leather types,color variations  Leather sole  Leather-wrapped  Leather shoe
Variety of leather types,
color variations
Leather sole
steering wheel
Leather shoes