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Corporate Profile

Company Name Nippi, Incorporated
President Keisaku Kawamura
Founded April 1st, 1907
Capital JPY 4,404 million
Head Office/
Techno Center
1-1-1 Senju midori-cho, Adachi, Tokyo 1208601, Japan
TEL: +81-3-3888-5111
Fuji Factory
(ISO9001 Certified)
1 Yumizawa-cho Fujinomiya, Shizuoka 4180073, Japan
TEL: +81-5-4422-2111
Research Institute of Biomatrix 520-11 Kuwabara, Toride, Ibaraki 3020017, Japan
Business Operations
Collagen Casing Division Manufacture/Sales of Collagen Casing for Sausages
Gelatin-related Division Manufacture/Sales of Gelatin & Collagen Peptide for food, Pharmaceutical, Industrial, and Photographic use
Cosmetics-related Division Manufacture/Sales of Cosmetics and Health Foods with Collagen
Leather-related Division Manufacture/Sales of Leather for Automotive and Leather Products
Others Real estate leasing, life science products, and functional polymer products