Laminin Products


iMatrix series

Laminin is a major component of basement membrane, as well as type IV collagen. Our iMatrix products are the recombinant human laminin E8 fragment, about one-fifth of a whole molecule size, with an integrin binding site.
Nippi, Inc. acquired the patent license from Kyoto University and Osaka University to sell laminin-511 short fragment, iMatrix-511. The benefits of iMatrix-511 for iPS/ES cell culture are as follows:

1) Unlike vitronectin, it is capable of single cell passage.
2) iMatrix-511MG confirms to Japanese Standard for Biological Ingredients
    by PMDA.
3) High affinity for the receptor protein integrin α6β1 on the surface of iPSC/ESC
4) Robust and easy expansion of human iPS cells
5) The purity of protein is much better than those of similar products.

Please refer to the original work by Nakagawa et al. (2014). In addition to CHO-cell derived iMatrix-511 protein, we offer the same protein from transgenic silkworm cocoon, iMatrix-511 Silk. We recommend CHO-cell derived iMatrix-511 for the development of clinical research, and silkworm cocoon derived iMatrix-511 Silk for research use. Please contact us for more details.
iMatrix products are gradually gaining users in the regenerative medicine industry as well as academia. In the future, iMatrix products are expected to be used in a wide variety of applications in the medical field and beyond.

・iMatrix-511, E8 fragment of recombinant human laminin-511
・iMatrix-511 Silk, E8 fragment of recombinant Silk worm laminin-511
・iMatrix-511 MG conforms to the Japanese Standards for Biological Ingredients
・iMatrix-411, E8 fragment of recombinant human laminin-411
・iMatrix-221, E8 fragment of recombinant human laminin-221
・iMatrix-332, E8 fragment of recombinant human laminin-332
・iMatrix-111, E8 fragment of recombinant human laminin-111