Lab Equipment and Supplies

We offer lab equipment and supplies shown as below.

BioMasher series

BioMasher series

BioMasher is a high-quality single-use tissue homogenizer, suitable for extraction of biological molecules such as DNA, RNA, lipids, and proteins. You can find the most suitable type from various lineups depending on your sample’s hardness, size, and purpose of your research. Please see the catalog for more details.

PowerMasher II

PowerMasher II

PowerMasher II is a battery powered handy grinder designed for BioMasher II, III, V, and SP. The motor speed is 450 rpm. Two AA batteries are required. 

= Eco-P Reservoir

Eco-P Reservoir

Eco-P reservoir is an 8- multichannel pipette reservoirs made by PETE. You can minimize the waste of the reagents.

= FS-long tip

FS-long tip

FS-long tip can reach the bottom of 15-mL culture tube. It adjusts for most micropipettes (200-300 μL).