Contract Services

Two kinds of contract services are available at Nippi Biological and Chemical Division. Please contact us for further information. We offer the highest quality services at competitive prices.

Peptide N-terminal sequencing

  • $400/residue (1st to 5th residue)
  • $30/residue (after the 5th residue)
  • The amount of protein more than 10 pmol is prefered.
  • Sample should be on a PVDF membrane. Please send the dried membrane. The sample should be as concentrated as possible on the membrane (e.g. 1 µg/lane). Several bands from one membrane can be analyzed. The bands should be stained with Coomassie Blue, Ponceau S, or Amido Black.

Peptide synthesis

  • Up to 20 residues
  • Purity is 70% to >98%.
  • Amount 1 mg to 40 mg
  • Delivery period is two to four weeks.
  • HPLC and MS analyses data will be attached.
  • Price; for example, 21-40 mg, $63/residue, with purification fee (>95%, $900; >98%, $104), 11-20 mg, $44/residue, with purification fee (>95%, $660; >98%, $770).
  • Phosphorylation, FITC/TRITC, MAP, Biotinylation, N-Dansylation are available on request.
  • Please contact us for a price quote in details.