Dedicated collagen peptide production site

CQT facility: Collagen peptide dedicated manufacturing facility

In 2019, Nippi built the CQT facility, dedicated to collagen peptide production, in Fujinomiya city, Shizuoka Prefecture. CQT aims to produce the world’s best collagen peptide in C: Cost, Q: Quality, and T: Technology.

Features of CQT facility


The CQT facility has been designed to comply with FSSC 22000 certification and pharmaceutical GMP certification from the time of planning. The manufacturing process and equipment status are managed in real time. Nippi puts product quality first and continually strives to improve customer satisfaction.



Halal certification

The fish-derived collagen peptide manufactured in the CQT facility is Halal certified by the Japan Halal Foundation. The foundation’s Halal certification has received international mutual certification from JAKIM in Malaysia and MUIS in Singapore.

FSSC 22000 certification

The CQT facility has acquired FSSC 22000 certification. In order to prevent contamination and accidents, we analyze and manage harmful factors to prevent contamination by foreign matter or microorganisms.

Pharmaceutical GMP certification

The CQT facility has been manufacturing collagen peptide products for medical use under pharmaceutical GMP certification. We built a quality assurance system necessary for pharmaceutical manufacturing and carry out high-level facility management. It is also recognized that these standards are met even in the annual administrative audit.

Nippi high-quality products

The CQT facility manufactures products with excellent taste and odor. Our high-quality products are highly rated by both domestic and overseas customers for their safety and efficacy.

Production of Collagenomics® series

The CQT facility manufactures the Collagenomics® series, which is “next-generation” collagen peptide.