Nippi Peptide research and development

Product development of collagen peptide that meets customer needs

About 40 years have passed since Nippi introduced collagen peptide to the market. Collagen peptide is now a popular material that ranks among the top of health foods, and consumers are paying more attention to its efficacy, safety, and quality. Nippi has succeeded in researching its effects on humans, investigating various applications, developing products with almost no taste or odor, and commercializing the Collagenomics® series containing active peptides, which are functional factors. Nippi will continue to develop high-quality and unique products that meet customer demand.

Nippi Research Institute of Biomatrix

The Nippi Research Institute of Biomatrix’s research target is the extracellular matrix that exists in all living organisms. In particular, Nippi is conducting biochemistry, cell biology, and bioengineering research on the extracellular matrix centered on collagen. The research is carried out under a project system, and we are flexibly responding to the rapid development of this field. While basic research projects on 4 to 5 matrix-related themes are constantly underway, applied research projects that link research results to products are organized as needed. Nippi is always aiming to discover the possibilities of new biomatrixes and put them into practical use by organically linking basic research and applied research.