What is collagen peptide?

Difference between collagen peptide and gelatin

Collagen is the most abundant protein that forms the bodies of animals. Collagen is an insoluble protein found in the body, but gelatin is a soluble protein that is processed from that collagen. On the other hand, collagen peptide is a low-molecular-weight soluble protein obtained by hydrolyzing gelatin with enzymes. Unlike gelatin, collagen peptide solution does not harden even when dissolved in water and cooled.

Collagen peptide production


After pretreatment of raw materials, hot water extract of collagen is hydrolyzed through an enzymatic process to adjust to the desired molecular weight. After that, collagen peptide is purified and processed into powder form by filtering, ion exchange process, sterilizing and drying.

Collagen peptide nutrition facts

Collagen peptide is mostly composed of protein (collagen) and has little ash and lipid.

 The data above refers to the Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan 2020
(8th edition, gelatin).

The type of collagen contained in Nippi Peptide®

There are different types of collagen, depending on the animal species and organs, and 28 types are currently confirmed. The type of collagen contained in Nippi Peptide® is type I, which is the most abundant in the body (mostly in the skin, bones, tendons, fish scales, and in most connective tissues).