Ginger hydrolyzed collagen peptide

Collagen peptide made from "the power of ginger"

The presence of proteolytic enzymes in ginger has been known for nearly 50 years and is also called plant collagenase. A familiar example of its proteolytic action is ginger pork. Soaking ginger with meat not only adds flavor but also has the effect of softening the meat due to the action of enzymes contained in ginger. Nippi applied this enzyme to the production of collagen peptide to develop ginger hydrolyzed collagen peptide.

Main physiological functions of X-Hyp-Gly-type tripeptides contained in ginger hydrolyzed collagen peptide

Ginger hydrolyzed collagen peptide has a standardized high content of X-Hyp-Gly-type tripeptides. It has been established that X-Hyp-Gly-type tripeptides:

1.Promote osteoblast differentiation

2.Inhibit angiotensin-converting enzyme

R & D secret story

Ginger hydrolyzed collagen peptide is a special product that was developed as
a result of an unexpected discovery over the course of many years of basic research conducted by the Nippi Research Institute of Biomatrix.